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Knowing what Works and How to Cover All Bases

With so much to take care of in preparing for a Wedding there may be some things missed without the support of experienced personel. It has been years since mums and dads got married and things have changed anyway; and although friends and other relatives can be of great assistance with wonderful ideas you need someone who has seen it all tried and can pass on valuable information about what works and what may provide problems on the day.

Danny and the team can help you with your weddings plans and your choices to allow you the best result on the day for your needs, tastes and preferences.


Lets start by saying the wedding you are planning is going to be JUST RIGHT! keeping in mind that is not a small task and sometimes the occasional tip can come in handy. The following TIPS might assist you along the way.

1. Start by making up a list

List all the things you will need to organise. Then later you will be able to use parts of the list as a task order. Be sure to place all the names of the people that you are going to ask to help you.

Always allow plenty of space between each ITEM on the list, as that will allow you to make notes on each topic or item on the list. These days people make good use of the computer and spread sheets so they can print out copies.

2. Select the people you are going to ask to help

Remember this is your wedding day! So keep in mind you do want things to be done your way. That’s not to say you will not need input from others because you will!

From the list you have already made up and adding too, you can set out a task order.

You will find this comes in very handy as it will help you to organise and allocate particular tasks and not have everyone that wants to be involved and help doing things you prefer them not to do. Example, you might put Mum onto the cake, dad can research the stationary, the groom starts looking at the transportation. The Mother in law can help with the flowers and so on. By allocating tasks to others, this will give you time to take the girls out to help select the bridesmaids outfits and you will have the time to go and select the Wedding Gown or other things you need to do.

3. Work on the Budget

You might start with who is going to help pay for what, then by sure to obtain a commitment from them and note it on your wedding plan list.

As an example - Mum and dad are going to pay for the reception. $... ... ..

The grooms parents are taking care of the drinks $... ... ..

Uncle so and so said he would pay $... ... .. for the wedding cars

And on it goes, once you have added to the list all the amounts people are going to put in for the wedding, total that up, then you will be able to establish a full wedding budget by working out what else needs to be paid for. Be sure to make an allowance of say 10% for somethings you might have been forgotten. Once you have established an overall wedding budget STICK TO IT

When you are very busy organising a wedding it is very easy to have the cost and added expenses grow rapidly. Drinks blowing out at the reception or the wedding cars running onto over time are two good examples of the costs blowing out.

4. Discussing the wedding plan with Friends and Family

When it is early in the preparation you will be keeping your eye out for new and different ideas. This is the time to talk with family and friends who are married, find out how they able to advise you?

You have properly attended other weddings, run you mind back to that time and remember what did you liked and disliked.

Wedding Magazines are still a very good resource as is the internet. Invite the girl friends over for a drink and a chat get them to bring magazines, that's fun!

Do not leave out the suppliers you might find on this website they could help too. Just keep adding to the list.

5.   Professionals can also be very helpful

Consider professional help if you think you might find the organisation tasks a little daunting, you might source out the help of a professional wedding planner.

These people are organising weddings every day and they have gained the knowledge from others that they can pass on to you.

6.   Items and thing you will need to book as early as you can

The first decision to make is, where you are going to be married, if you decide on a church you will need to enquire about the availability date and make an appointment for an interview. Parks and gardens, rotundas, unless privately operated are normally booked via the local council, in any case you will need to BOOK.

In most cases the arrangements for the wedding day and date will depend heavily upon the location you choose. Remembered popular contractors you might need are often booked many months in advance.

Once you have the time place for the ceremony worked out and booked you can work on building around.

A church wedding can be reasonable easy to work around as you have someone in place to conduct the service for you. If a park or garden wedding is your choice you will need to organise a person to conduct the service, like a wedding celebrant.

Booking the park or garden in advance is imperative, you will need to consider music for the start and end of the ceremony and of course someone you can rely on to to set that up and take control.

Some parks and garden do offer seating and have set places in the park or gardens for you to select from. Others, you might be place into a situation where you will need to organise a little more like seating for guests and do not forget you will need to coordinate how the guests will find the park and how to get to your location in the park or garden.

When booking parks or gardens be sure to consider the weather and very importantly regardless of the wedding ceremony location, be sure to check if there is any event on that day that will interfere with your wedding in that location on that day. Examples Road works - Street closures – Works be carried out in the park or garden.

Transport is also very important; There are a number of different ways to get to and from the ceremony depending or where the ceremony is to be held. When using motorised transport you could use your own or family and friends motor cars.

Should you decide to hire wedding cars. You have a number of options to select from as in the style of motor cars – Veteran – Vintage – Classic – Modern - Sporty – Hot Rods – Extended Limousines – Trucks - Hummers Then you have different makes like Rolls Royce – Jaguars - Mercedes Benz and so on. Keep in mind that most wedding car hiring companies are booked up well in advance so be sure to book you hired wedding cars early. These days the best of the cars go early so book them as soon as you have booked the place for the wedding service and reception.

Don’t forget a car getaway car to take away you from the reception at the fish of proceedings. Consider a night phone shoot before heading to the night accommodation.

7. Prepare the guest list

The real fun begins here, as it is not as easy as one would think, "We do not want to invite those that are?" Hmmm! "and we do need to invite them that?"

So the best way to start is to start your list with everyone you can think of and add some more after that! Then you have a full list to start your selection process. Mum and dad and the future in laws need to be asked for their input as they will have people that they feel need to be invited.

When you start the selection process, keep in mind the budget! While the number of selected guests does determine most of the budget, consider everyone needs to be feed and have a drink or two. Which increases the price per head at the reception.

When verbally testing the waters and inviting guests you might ask them if they intended to join you at the reception because some people will go to the service and may not go on further to the reception.

8. Reception Lounge selection

You may have a reception venue in mind or one you have been to when attending another wedding if you have do not delay call them and check the availability for you wedding day.

If the venue is available make an appointment to visit the premises as soon as possible. Do not book any venue before you inspect and meet the people that will be involved on your special day. Of couse once you call and find the venue is already booked, dismiss it and move onto your next choice.

If it is early enough in your wedding day plans and you can afford the time it is a great idea to visit a number of possible venues and speak with the staff. There are dozens and dozens of wonderful reception lounges, houses and centres all over Australia.

A few things to consider:-

1. The distance from the place of the ceremony from home?

2. Guest parking?

3. Motels or other accommodation nearby?

4. Will guests be able to get home?

5. How will the venue perform in the weather?

Will you need extra transport for guests?

9. Wedding support

It is very important not to book anything for your wedding without meeting them, go to the trouble of checking out everyone even recommendations. Go to the venue and take a close look at what you are getting, meet and talk with the celebrant, go the wedding car hiring business sit in and touch the cars and make sure the cars you are booking are what you are going to get! The businesses may have been taken over by other parties and not be the same operator the referrer recommended.

It is best that you gain a feeling of trust from those that you have selected. When you meet everyone, shake their hands you know who to contact when needed. You really need to make sure you know everyone that is involved, you will be very much depending on them on your very special day. As an example; there are many disappointed brides and grooms that have allowed well-meaning friends and family to drive them to the church on the day or volunteer to take the wedding photos or video.

10. Last but most important – Make a plan and follow that plan

For those brides and grooms that put together a good plan, follow that plan and delegate tasks to other competent people you won't get to much wrong. A good plan equals a good wedding.

The organising of a wedding day is not a small task, you take on a lot of work. Select your team and use professionals where you can.

Once you get started you will find the organisation pleasurable and fun task. Plan it well and you will have the best day!

Write everything down and work through it with tenacity, get together regularly with your support team and those you have selected to help. Plan everything form the day you get engaged up until the end of the honeymoon after that, WHO CARES!!


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