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Royalty Wedding Cars Sydney Wedding Check List

The Selection of the Wedding Cars and Wedding Day Checklist

Reputation is everything, unfortunately these days the brides and grooms need to take care when booking anything for a wedding. This is a day that happens for most people once in a life time. When booking anything for such an important and special day needs to planed and the people you are considering booking with need to be very reliable and reputable.

The same applies when selecting and booking wedding cars for your wedding. One thing you should never do and that is to book cars without seeing, touching or sitting in them. While sometimes time is short and things need to be done quickly always make the time or appointment to meet with everyone you deal with.

Things to consider with the hiring of wedding cars, most of the companies that have been in the wedding car business for some years will have very professional chauffeurs that understand what is required on the wedding day. So drivers are important.

Other things to consider are the time of year you will be getting married, spring, summer, autumn or winter wedding. The change in seasons will affect the types of vehicles you select, as an example open top cars (convertibles) look great and are wonderful to use in spring and early summer or a great sunny autumn day, but not so good in the colder winter months. The hard top vehicles or covers sedans and limousines provide better protection from the wind and cold.

Often brides leave the selection of the cars to the groom or boys, while it is good to allow the groom to be involved, the bride needs to consider her gown and how she is going to get in and more importantly OUT of the car as mentioned the seasons do need to be considered.

Over the last few years a number of flashy modern sports cars have come on the wedding car market. While these vehicle can be very desirable, they are in many cases built for two and not designed to carry a bride dressed in a full wedding gown. That is not to say they cannot be used as the boys often would like to be driven to the place of the ceremony.

So it is important that the bride also needs to help decide what is suitable and best for her on the wedding day.

The next thing to consider is the colour of the vehicles and the carrying capacity.

Generally, on the way to the place of the ceremony the bride usually rides in a car with her father or the person giving her away. The bridal party (bridesmaids) ride in other cars which lead from the pick-up point to the place of the ceremony. On arrival the bridesmaids elite from the cars first, the idea being that they can assist the bride.

The bride might prefer to ride with the bridal party in one extended limousine. With this selection one needs to consider arriving, people will be standing waiting for the bride to arrive and will in many cases like to see the bride getting out of the car. It is not quite as elegant as the bride arriving in her a vehicle of her own.

Flashy Trucks (Hummers) have also broken into the wedding car industry in the past few years. This type of vehicle will carry everyone and the do create a party atmosphere. But be aware you cannot stand up inside these vehicles and it can be somewhat difficult getting in and out with a wedding gown. Nevertheless they are great for night out with friends.

When Booking the Wedding Cars

Never book cars for your wedding day from photos, pictures online, in glossy magazines or over the phone without seeing the cars. Some companies are only booking agents and can send you anything on the day! It has happened time and time again cars turn up dirty and damaged. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! It is very important to see the vehicles before you book!

Some good advice is to visit the wedding car operator and see, touch and sit in the vehicles you would like to ride in on your wedding day. Make sure you are dealing with a business that will provide you with not only cars that are in good condition but offer quality service. Most importantly you want the company you going to be dealing with to be in business on your wedding day!


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